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Pondless Waterfall Diagram

Pondless waterfalls in essence DO have a pond, it just isn't visible. Typically they are not called ponds but instead they are called basins. Because the basins are not exposed to direct sunlight, no chemicals need to be added compared to a traditional pond that requires chemicals.


​The way a pondless waterfalls work is the basin fills up with water. Down in the basin a pump is installed. Attached to the pump is a hose that runs up to the top of the waterfall. The water then falls down the waterfall and fills the basin back up, thus you have the re-circulating system that makes up a pondless waterfall. When installing a pondless waterfall you need ot be aware of many factors that play a part in the system. Proper pump and hose size is key. Perhaps the most important part in a pondless waterfall installation is the size of the basin. If the basin is not large enough and cannot hold enough water, the pump will pump all of the water out and before the water can get back down to the basin the pump runs out of water. There are many more parts to a pondless waterfall than the eye can see, both visible parts as well as the design of the system.


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