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Water Features

Pondless Waterfalls:

Pondless waterfalls are basically a re-circulating waterfall without the presence of a pond. You get the sights and sounds of running water without the maintenance of a pond. A pondless waterfall essentially has a pond that is not visible. The "pond" or "basin" is typically located at the end of the waterfall or stream, underground. The basin acts as a water supply for the waterfall. Since the basin is not exposed to the sunlight, none of the maintenance that comes with a traditional pond applies. A pondless waterfall is one of the best ways to seperate your landscape from all the others out there.


(Click here to see how a pondless waterfall works)


Some benefits of pondless waterfalls:

-Safety: Because there is no pond or pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall, a pondless waterfall is substantially safer than a traditional pond that has standing water.


-Cost: As with anything, cost can play a large factor in determining what you purchase for your yard. Pondless waterfalls are typically less labor-intensive and require less materials compared to a waterfall with a pond. Because there is no ecosystem in a pondless waterfall, you do not need to run the pump 24 hours a day resulting in lower operating costs compared to tradtitional ponds.


-Space: Pondless waterfalls can be relatively small, or large in size. Because of their size flexibility, pondless waterfalls can be installed virtually anywhere.


-Maintenance: Compared to traditional ponds, pondless waterfalls have a substantially less amount of maintinenace required. As stated earlier, there is no established ecosystem in a pondless waterfall so there are no required chemicals to add. The only maintenance for a pondless waterfall is seasonal pump removal. Every few weeks some water may need to be added to your pondless waterfall due to evaporation if an auto-fill mechanism is not installed.


Bubbling Boulders:

Bubbling boulders are similar to pondless waterfalls due to the fact that they require no pond or standing water. As with pondless waterfalls you reep the benefits of seeing and hearing running water, with none of the maintenance that comes with owning a pond.


Some benefits of bubbling boulders:


-Safety: Bubbling boulders have the same safety benefits as pondless waterfalls. Since the basin is typically located beneath the boulder, there are minimal safety risks with children. 


-Space: Bubbling boulders actually require less space than pondless waterfalls. Because their basins are usually right below the boulders, the amount of space a bubbling boulder takes up is relatively small.


-Maintenance: Bubbling boulders require a similar amount of maintenance that pondless waterfall do, very minimal. Since the basin is not in direct sunlight no chemicals need to be added. Occasional filling of the basin may be needed due to evaporation if an auto-fill mechanism is not installed.

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